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Go Kart vs The Corporate Giant | 2 | review | punk | compilation | Lollipop

Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant 2

by Scott Hefflon

Over 60 minutes of music, 25 songs -- six of which are unreleased -- and a 12-page booklet portraying the bands in tabloid-style adventures can only mean one thing: It's part two of Go-Kart's revolutionary sampler, Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant!

Cunningly disguised as just another piece-of-shit punk comp, this masterpiece of "audio salvation" (cribbed from the back cover) will entertain you with the fresh sounds of today's hottest artists, and make you chuckle at the wit and silliness of the booklet. Fighting the good fight: Anti-Flag, Plan A Project, Down By Law, Buzzcocks, Lunachicks, The Pinkerton Thugs, The Parasites, Boris the Sprinkler, Doc Hopper, Vision of Disorder, the Candy Snatchers, The Unseen, True Love, Pseudo Heroes, Under the Gun, and The Sharpshooters.
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