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Exposed | III | Hotdoggin tha Great Midwest | review | compilation | Lollipop

Exposed III

Hotdoggin' tha Great Midwest (Sin Klub Entertainment)
by Tim Den

Okay, I'll admit it, I didn't have time to listen to all of Exposed III's three-discs. C'mon: 59 bands? Are you kidding me? Besides, a quick skip of all the artists shows that most are tight, creative, and armed with well-written songs, so why not just say that instead? Exposed III brings together a shitload of unsigned talent from the Midwest (and, as the bio reads, "don't forget that Kid Rock was on Exposed II!!!"), ranging from folk to acoustic to punk to hardcore (oh, and electronica somewhere in there too). Just the sheer non-discriminatory trait of it alone is worth your dough. If a comp can assume that you're not a closed-minded individual and that you can appreciate all types of music, then live up to its expectations. These unsigned artists play genuine music that they live and breathe, and the fact that most of them do a good job means that this is worth checking out. I know I'll be holding on to this for further inspection (when deadline has passed... sheesh). The artists (ready for this?): Tom Spacey, Kung Fu Grip, SugarBuzz, Studbull's Disco Biscuit, Goldtooth Display, Dirt, Feckweed, Fringe, The Sprags, Everydaypain, Porn Flakes, Damien, The Corevares, Tastes Like Chicken, Note To Self, Static Rituals, Big Blues Bob & The Thin Ice Band, Kaut, The Pop Quiz, Nash The Slash, Evolotto, Three Penny Pussy, Lollipop Lust Kill, Speedball, Ivet, Josh Boyd & The V.I.P. Band, State Of Cykosis, Favorite Action Hero, All Time Low, Jericho Turnpike, The Thessalonian Dope Gods, Agony Column, The Pillbugs, Next2Nothing, Mo, Trunkmuscle, Bitter, Local Anesthetic, Jank, The Living Dead, Cannister, Lucky Boys Confusion, Chicken Dog, Uncle Knucklefunk, Ribcage Houdinis, Hell's Kitchen, Gone Daddy Finch, Endless, One Thin Dime, False Face Society, Kitchen Knife Conspiracy, Rocket 88, Blues Skies Burning, Dan Hicks, Victory Flag, Bone's Garage, Bunjie Jambo, The Rev-Upz, Lazy American Workers.
(PO Box 2507 Toledo, OH 43606)


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