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Dont Mess with Hopeless | review | punk | rock | compilation | Lollipop

Don't Mess with Hopeless

by Scott Hefflon

Cool slider discbox. Hopeless is usually kind enough to offer up some kinda cool packaging to complement the damn fine releases/samplers they release. While only 14 minutes long, this 6-track freebie offers up a cut apiece from six new releases on Sub City and Hopeless. And unlike a lot of punk labels (and many of the genre-bounded labels, actually), Hopeless has maintained a good eye/ear for snagging new talent as well as hanging onto their "classic" roster. So here it is, in simple red, white &, um, purple: one each from the Weakerthans, Dillinger Four, Against All Authority, Scared of Chaka, Digger, and The Queers. Free and worth every penny of it!
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