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Catch the Rainbow

A Tribute To Rainbow (Sanctuary)
by Martin Popoff

This explosive tribute album works wonders due to Helloween's drummer Uli Kusch assembling a good chunk of the band plus the cream of German metal for a hi-tech, hi-fidelity romp through the catalogue. Man, I would venture to say this cover of "Lost In Hollywood" is one of the best, er, tributes I've ever heard, the band kind of Radar Lovin' it, adding wild production and a performance from hot German throat Henne Basse that is impassioned and pure. In fact Basse, lauded for his work on the Metalium project, sings nine of twelve tracks here (others being Andi Deris, Ralf Scheepers, and Uli himself), and along with the powerhouse percussion from Uli, is this record's trump card. Japanese bonus track, a sparkly and spirited "Lady Of The Lake." Slight letdown: "Eyes Of The World," where Uli drums it more Cozy than Cozy.
(45-53 Sinclair Road London, W14 ONS England)


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