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Again Cast In (Anyway)
by Tim Den

Funny how emo bands came and went as fast as the swing and ska revivals. Seems like no emo band is staying true to the genre's tuneless yelping, limp guitar strumming, and melodramatic build-ups these days, including Tiara. Like many other emo bands that have moved on, Tiara is adding more color to their original incarnation by attempting to write vocal lines like a folk/indie rock band. It's a thin veil over the band's true roots, but it does make the songs a bit more listenable. But still, the fact is undeniable: this is emo. Everything from the slow-paced wanderings and double-tracked whiny vocals, to the beginner's-Braid drumming. Applause for the effort to move beyond formulas, a passive shrug to the songs themselves.


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