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Quiet Room | Reconceive | review | metal | Lollipop

The Quiet Room

Reconceive (Metal Blade)
by Martin Popoff

It's pretty cool that the U.S. has now become the domain of the next generation of prog metallists, The Quiet Room, with this second album, taking its place amongst those pushing the parameters. There's a stand-offish quality to this band that might keep potential fans away. It's a tough sound, not all that melodic, very intricate, rhythmic and thorny. The parts are often a difficult, awkward fitting, reminding me of more anti-social art rock like Mekong Delta or triumphant but dreary bands like Opeth and Katatonia. But really, in general terms, The Quiet Room might be seen as heavy, dark Dream Theater, with vocals from new guy Pete Jewell that oddly go to a Hetfield zone, really redefining the band's mandate. Strange band, keyboards off above the air, all sorts of noisy clicks, ticks and drum-origined pops (the opening dozen seconds almost sound like bad mastering), riffs turgid and obtuse, the band's large elaborate compositions challenging and sort of grim. Those who like their prog copacetic, cleansing and gleeful and spiritual like Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, and Transatlantic need not apply.
(2828 Cochran St. #302 Simi Valley, CA 93065)


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