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Mad Capsule Markets | Osc Dis | review | metal | Lollipop

The Mad Capsule Markets

Osc-Dis (Speedstar)
by Paul Lee

I love surprises in the form of incredible new bands. Take this trio of Japanese freaks: they've distilled and recombined the best strains of modern extreme music to create their own altered musical beast. Techno, industrial, metal, gabba, drum'n'bass, punk, rap, hardcore and pop rock (and probably some other forms I've forgotten to note) have all been fused together in The Mad Capsule Markets' attack. What's more amazing is that they make the transitions with seemingly little effort and make it work for them. When Faith No More released The Real Thing in 1989, I couldn't believe the cross-section of musical styles they tore into. In 2000, MCM have upped the ante and crossed more boundaries. Did I say these guys rule already? I thought Pitchshifter had a great thing going, but MCM have eclipsed my favorite Brit industrial punkers, and that's no small feat.


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