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The Apples In Stereo

The Discovery of Life Inside the Moone (SpinArt)
by Tim Den

The Apples In Stereo are revered by old-timers who dig that '60s sound and college rock kids alike. The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone is a pop album in fundamental, rootsy nature, taking only from the purest of pure influences: Phil Spector, early Beatles, The Beach Boys, and the charismatic studio techniques of Swinging London. Add major-to-minor chord progressions, Sly and The Family Stone horn sections, and you can bet your ass this is one album that's as authentic as it comes. Funny how every punk or post-hardcore band today claims to be "pop" or "melodic," when next to a group that blends three-part harmonies and jazz tinkerings like The Apples, they're just a laughing stock.

Not that The Apples In Stereo are a bunch of backward nostalgics, either. Their songs reflect road time well spent with Pavement and The Flaming Lips -- quirky slackerisms, at times a bit avant garde, planted in the heart of the tunes. Which make The Apples In Stereo's genuine pop sound fresher than it has since you first heard Jellyfish. This is a band that's learned well from their influences and will surely become a figurehead in the pop scene today.


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