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Velvet Suicide (Day After)
by Tim Den

You can tell "Mod" is in when a previously emo band now sounds like it's trying to grab the scraps from MC5, the Stooges, and The Jam. I guess Sunshine uses the scraps pretty well, but this just sounds forced to me. Noodley guitars, straight rock beats that beg for a badly-dressed (since when did tight jeans, shitily-kept hair, and messiness become cool?), leg-shaking, spazz-o-matic dance-along. I don't get it. There's more "feel" in a book-on-tape than this. If this was anything like the influences that it claims to have (which also includes Bauhaus, and even that group had a little soul in 'em), I'm sure I'd be a little effected by now. Remember kids: Trying too hard to play up a genre just cuz it's "in" never works.


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