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Soul Reaper | Written in Blood | review | metal | Lollipop

Soul Reaper

Written in Blood (Nuclear Blast)
by Paul Lee

Having two members from Swedish death metal gods Dissection is great for publicity, but it also creates huge expectations. If you're familiar with the now defunct gods, forget the comparisons. Soulreaper stands on their own without the family ties and has more in common with brutal Swedes Luciferion. Think along the lines of an SDM band with a heavy Floridian influence and a bit of melodic accentuation. Put simply, what makes Soulreaper so good is their fusion of the atonal attack of old school death metal with just a touch of the sweep picked, modal scales that make melodic death metal sound so sweet. With seven songs in just over 35 minutes, Soulreaper keep it razor-sharp. Easily one of the best new Swedish death metal acts on the scene.


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