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Sloppy Seconds | Garbage Days Regurgitated | review | punk | Lollipop

Sloppy Seconds

Garbage Days Regurgitated (Nitro)
by Scott Hefflon

Much as I've often cited Sloppy Seconds as one of my favorite irreverent junk/punk bands, this 15-minute EP just doesn't cut it. It's a good idea: Sloppily covering tunes by those who influenced 'em, but these version are, ya know, bad. The band just didn't try very hard. There are missed notes, clunky execution, and distant/flat production (but that could be a further "tribute," seeing as most of these songs didn't sound so great in the first place). Songs covered: "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" from Peter Pan, as covered by The Fools, "I Wanna Go Home" by Holly and the Italians, "(I'm Gonna) Run Away" by Joan Jett (kinda ironic, that, seeing as Jett is notorious for adding her gruff tomboy-sexy vocals to rather uninspired covers), "Poor Little Rich Girl" by Dee Dee Ramone, "Damn Dog" from that underground "classic" Times Square, "Kill" by, um, Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias, and "TV Party" by Black Flag. I like Sloppy Seconds, but they shoulda picked better songs, more songs, and done a better job playin' 'em.


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