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One Man Army | Last Word Spoken | review | punk | Lollipop

One Man Army

Last Word Spoken (Adeline)
by Scott Hefflon

Part streetpunk, part gutsy rock'n'roll, One Man Army is a newish band that's already dug their heels in and set themselves up as a band to be compared to. With a bit o' that Cali enunciation and droop (think Rancid, then back up to still being discernible), but with an occasional rock tremble at the end. You know what I'm sayin': not that clipped punk thing, but a full-on hold like, I dunno, Ian Astbury of The Cult. OK, so it ain't like either over-dramatic end of the spectrum, but that's what makes One Man Army so cool: they slide and roll around between genre stereotypes, and while yer trying to figure out what to call 'em, yer toes are tappin', yer head is nodding', and yer rapidly losing interest in calling them anything but good. Engineered by Kevin Army, produced by Billy Joe Armstrong, you know you've got yourself something with guts'n'glory that ain't all polished and scrubbed clean of the burrs.


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