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In The Beginning (Relapse)
by Martin Popoff

In death metal as in life, a buzz can be generated and then its flames fanned, its sparked light rumbled forth with rock critic-fueled critical mass. Such is the case with Nile, who have become death metal darlings with their infusion of the Egyptian godhead into American grind. Released as a badge of this buzz, In The Beginning is a reissue of the band's pre-debut recordings, gathering two batches, Festivals Of Atonement from '95 and Ramses Bringer Of War from '97. The material still works and confirms the band's current exalted status. It's harsh, carnal, mechanical and compact but stuffed with faintly epic ideas. And then there're those lyrics, which strike an almost intelligent balance between exotic, evil Egypto forces and generalities which might almost be about life today. But bottom line, it's the little bits of crossover-ishness, as well as the avant garde and symphonic touches that kick Nile's death above. Details, details...
(1720 South State Rd. Upper Darby, PA 19082)


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