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MDFMK | review | electro | industrial | metal | Lollipop


by Scott Hefflon

Is this like new Coke or something? While I'm distrustful as shit of Wall Street manuvers like this, hell, it could just be the honest "Oh, fuck this" death of KMFDM, followed by the "Wait, I'm not good at anything else" realization, and the resurgence of interest with some new blood (whose bands had also failed)... How many times has Ozzy reinvented himself? Remember when Rob Halford did Two, wanting -- like Sascha -- to focus on songs instead of hammered-into-a-trademark style? No? Well there ya go....

MDFMK (KMFDM backwards, how clever) is similar to KMFDM, but so what? They had many good ideas spread over their 10 years of "techno/industrial dance" pioneering/regurgitating, and with the additional input of Tim Skold (formerly Tim Tim of Sweden's glam band, Shotgun Messiah, who released a solo record as Skold on RCA that was pretty cool, somewhat undeveloped, and died a death similar to everything else RCA touches) and Lucia Cifarelli (the absolute fireball of a singer from [I think] A&M's barely-released debut of Drill, a New York based band who were fumbled so badly they never got to make the input they could've), MDFMK could really go places. As with KMFDM, MDFMK falter a lot, kinda achieving an energy level and then losing interest and wandering away for a while, only to return and pound another six minutes of driving beats and "guitar" crunch into yer skull. But I guess if you come from a mind-altering, swirl'n'contort background, maybe you like complex, layered, less "metal" dance music. Whatever. I just know this'd make good hangout music, workout music (if yer so inclined), and good driving music, as long as you don't mind your speed (and pulse rate) fluctuating. There's certainly more melody (without being top 40, don't worry), and a richness and depth of sound the likes of which few achieve. With three diverse singers, it really breaks up the "industrial distorted tantrum" that's usually overused. Love to see what this trio comes up with in the future.


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