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Husking Bee | Sun and the Moon | review | indie | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Husking Bee

The Sun and the Moon (Doghouse)
by Tim Den

Husking Bee, from Japan, are impressing the hell out of people Stateside with the adrenalized pop prevalent outside the Western hemisphere. Like Starmarket (Sweden), Snuff (Britain), and fellow countrymen, Hi-Standard, Husking Bee's heavy guitars in no way take away from the band's melancholy vibe and emotional impact. And like the aforementioned bands, Husking Bee does it without wimping out to frivolous shoegazing or whining. They strive to sing and carve out melodies that yearn for your attention, hopefully making you dance and rock out along the way. "Still in the Same Place?" sounds like it's right off of an anime soundtrack, so you know it's sweet.


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