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Fanbelt Algebra (Victory)
by Tim Den

I can't believe Greyarea put this out. Their self-titled debut was a nice attempt at combining old school with pop vocals, but it's a far cry from the mature band I hear on this album. Opener "Reminder" is the best thing the band has ever written, as well as the song that a hundred other bands have tried to write but failed. So simple -- three chords, played fast and tight, with one catchy phrase ("How many times can I say I'm sorry...") -- yet somehow perfect when all the parts are added up. They've achieved the hardest task in songwriting: making a balanced composition out of what could be the most ordinary components. If you thought Black Train Jack (whose ex-members, along with those of Warzone, Token Entry, Crown of Thornz, and No Redeeming Social Value make up Greyarea) had great sing-alongs, think again. This has fuckin' Hüsker Dü/Foo Fighters potency, my friends. And the way they remind you of Minor Threat is well, second only to Minor Threat. I'm glowing from the energy and positivity of this record. If you want what hardcore offers best, look no further.
(PO Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)


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