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Defleshed | Fast Forward | review | metal | Lollipop


Fast Forward (Pavement)
by Scott Hefflon

All the shredding half-steps and snarling vocals of, say, Kreator's heyday (but none of the soloing) and crushing production that'll leave you breathless as a hamster on a wheel. Defleshed ain't no new kids on the metal block, they've been cranking out their unique brand of Swedish metal since the early '90s, and without sounding retro in the slightest, meld ass-shredding riffs and manic beats with brutal imagery and cannibalistic vocals. With riffs leaping all over this slab, guitarists listen up: drink a lot of coffee, grab yer axe, and get them fingers flying! Funny, cuz for all the violence and death splashed about, I can see getting a big ol' grin while playing this, letting loose a wild "Whaaahooo!" as I cruise by cars on the highway like their standing fuckin' still.
(PO Box 50550 Phoenix, AZ 85076)


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