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Supernatural Addiction (Relapse)
by Martin Popoff

King Fowley and his near-legendary stone merchants Deceased have conjured one of their most accessible metal spreads yet. But have no fear, the man known for his massive own personal record collection has a large deluxe cheese detector. What results is a leather-hided alloy between death, thrash and a bastardized Maiden metal, a highly interesting and enjoyable mixture that captures the heady spirit of Witchery, but with a uniquely American garage irreverence, something approximating a brainier, riff-dense Six Feet Under perhaps. Over the years, King Fowley has found a way to deliver horror stories without lapsing into comic book Rob Zombie-isms. There's a trace of camp, but he smothers it in hot asphalt, slashing over the top with his expressive vocal delivery which tweaks the hairs like the best of grindcore throats made ever so detectably clear. Rather than be retro towards anything in particular, the King manages a selective drawing from old school death, doom from the '70s, and even garage rock from the '60s, and then packs each track full of enough innovative action and arrangement that the blend is rough but bountiful. The result, as he puts it, is "creepy," but you can just call this straight to the beating heart of horror metal. Supernatural Addiction rocks with the mighty secret ingredient that made metal such a thrilling, provocative, unignorable genre of music in the first place.
(1720 South State Rd. Upper Darby, PA 19082)


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