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Boy Sets Fire | After the Eulogy | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Boy Sets Fire

After the Eulogy (Victory)
by Tim Den

Wait... another Boy Sets Fire record? When will the nightmare end!!?? Oh please mother Mary of our lord Jesus Christ make it stop!!!! Yes, they do get better with each album, but at this rate, we'll all be toothless old men by the time they put out something good enough to not sell to the used CD store. The singer's better at singing, but he should still stick to screaming because he's not that good yet (he's not even that great of a screamer; Artie from Indecision could eat him for breakfast). Musically, a song like "When Rhetoric Dies" is by far the band's biggest landmark in terms of melodic songwriting, but it doesn't lift the rest of the predictable and dull compositions above water.
(346 North Justine Suite 504 Chicago, IL 60607)


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