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XIII PFP | Redefine | review | hardcore | Lollipop


Redefine (Double Down)
by Tim Den

You'd never guess what these guys sound like from their name or cover art. But one thing's for certain: They're out to do exactly as they claim: Redefine. XIII PFP is weird hardcore with a ton of horns (huh?) that don't sound like anything you've ever heard. They mix heavy parts and clean parts with ease, creating interesting segments between the two extremes with dynamic developments and enough chops to scare the shit out of that Berklee kid next door. The recording is crisp - even if it needs more bottom end - and every aspect of unpredictability is amplified. Even when they play groovy hardcore it sounds purposely meshed (music theory is a nice thing). By the end of the record, you'll be asking why hardcore bands don't use saxes more often. A worthy purchase if you're into heavy music, especially if you enjoy new sounds.


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