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For the Love of Music | Vol 1 | review | indie | alternative | punk | compilation | Lollipop

For the Love of Music

Vol. 1 (More Romance)
by Tim Den

Holy fuck! Who'd've known a non-descript-looking comp like this would whip so much behind? How in the world did they track down every unknown-yet-amazing pop punk band out there? I haven't heard of most the bands here, but not one disappointed me out of the twenty-four tracks. Some are more original than others (Against Time, Twenty2), but even the standard melodic power chord bands have incredible melodies. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this. Besides having undisputed legends-in-the-making Mock Orange, this comp also holds the likes of The Rabies (pop rock conquers all!!), Next II Nothing, and Third Fall who will all be huge.

This proves once and for all that the new, younger generation of pop punk bands not only learned how to play their instruments (courtesy of a wealthy, suburban setting that allows for music lessons), but that they paid attention in their songwriting class as well. Others appearing: D.B.S., Buck Wild, The Pawns, Subb, Short Millie, Thanx But No Thanx, Blackout, Garlic Frog Diet, Jaymie, Tagtraum, Reset, Misconduct, Subdive, Bugs Of Budsland, Happynoise, Staring Back, 4Gazm, and Sugar Kane.


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