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Boston Drops the Gloves | Tribute to Slapshot | review | hardcore | compilation | Lollipop

Boston Drops the Gloves

A Tribute to Slapshot (Flat/TKO)
by Tim Den

Twenty-two bands covering Slapshot classics. I was never a fan of the originals, but there's no denying that they helped inspire many groups today. Whether an icon in the straight-edge movement, the tough-guy movement, or the street-thug subgenre of hardcore, Slapshot is revered as one of the best, and one that embodied Beantown. Boston is proud to call Slapshot its own, and local Boston bands will always be proud of having Slapshot as a big brother. Here's a chance to hear just how deep the love (and, uh, hate) flows. Bands: Blood For Blood, Tommy And The Terrors, Ten Yard Fight, Close Call, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Anal Cunt, Pug Uglies, Strikers, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Vigilantes, Intent To Injure, Kicked In The Head, The Trouble, Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Pinkerton Thugs, Blacklist, Last In Line, The Grenades, Nobody's Heroes, Down But Not Out, Molly MacGuires, Dropkick Murphys.



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