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Triumphator | Wings of Antichrist | review | metal | Lollipop


Wings of Antichrist (Necropolis)
by Martin Popoff

In an era where Necropolis Records has been (successfully) wandering, Norwegian semi-somebodies Triumphator attach a massive stone to the proceedings, dragging the label back to the depths of their sin-enveloped origins. Fact is, this is a carnal retro-black metal conflagration to the rotten core, driven by Marduk drummer Fredrik, Funeral Mist guitarist and vocalist Arioch, and producer-about-town Peter Tägtgren, who together create a locust swarm of evil anti-activity. There are no sub-genres pondered and pontificated, no cross-splicings (although maybe the odd cross-splitting), Triumphator delivering the olden mystique from early Emperor records with a sound that is meticulous and purposefully midrange-dry, coursed with a soft, relentless bass flutter that sounds like two-storey black leather butterfly wings blowing over the trappings of the safe world. Quenches the thirst of purists like buckets of B-positive down the gullet of Vlad The Impaler, Triumphator holding no truck with fey dynamic, Maiden melodies, or big rock'n'roll group hugs.


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