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Speak English Or Die (Megaforce)
by Martin Popoff

Yes, you heard right, Megaforce Records claims to be on the comeback trail, and what better way to kick it off than by reissuing that ever-lovin' thrash crossover project phenom Speak English Or Die? S.O.D. was a couple Anthrax guys, Nuclear Assault's Dan Lilker, and M.O.D.'s Billy Milano, who together came up with a quick-jabbing classic, recorded like a New York construction site, 21 tracks of sonic belches and even a few real songs, all poking a bit of fun at life, something pioneered by Anthrax until it ended up sinking the band's credibility. Anyway, the spirit was undeniable, and the record went on to move a million pancakes worldwide, resulting in this reissue, and last year, a reunion record. This version adds two bonus studio tracks and Live In Tokyo material for a total of 31 gleeful punk rants with metal brains. Feel young again, c'mon.


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