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Nunchaku | Best of 1993 1998 | review | metal | Lollipop


Best of 1993-1998 (Howling Bull)
by Paul E. Lee

Here's some schitzo-grindcore from Japan that's an odd and lethal mixture of bands like Napalm Death and SOD. If you thought killer Japanese thrashers like Cocobat had some weird vibes, you should take a spin in Nunchaku's unstable machine. Songs like "Anata BombWatasi Bakushi" and "Kuro Buti Rock N Roll" spill over with thrash and hardcore influences, and the two vocalists add some nifty vocal diversity. I don't have a clue what Nunchaku sing about, but it must be similar to that homeless, cracked-brain Japanese guy who lurks at a needle park near you. The bio doesn't give much insight into their background or back catalog, but my interest has been sufficiently piqued. After consuming this sick little best-of puppy, I'll have to seek out more.


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