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Kamelot | Fourth Legacy | review | metal | Lollipop


The Fourth Legacy (Noise)
by Martin Popoff

Now featuring full collaboration with ex-Conception vocal technician Roy Khan, Florida's Kamelot are flying on the wings of exalted, speedy progressive metal that has them leading creatively, a new American pack, vanquishing Crimson Glory, Iced Earth, and maybe even Dream Theater, in the process. The band's fourth record is that strong, gliding with a sense of spirit through thunk rockers, quick Helloween-type flair, vast keyboard arrangements, and even a bit of electronic wizardry, all the while Khan's vocal melodies tie it all together with a big embroidered bow. There's a mystique to this band one wouldn't expect, one that recalls Nevermore or Demons & Wizards, although on a stylistic basis, there's more Rainbow. Peaks, valleys, and medieval musical tones a' plenty, Kamelot fulfill the promise of their name, while adhering to the high standards fans expect of this genre.


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