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Iniquity | Five Across the Eyes | review | metal | Lollipop


Five Across the Eyes (Mighty Music)
by Tim Den

Traditional death metal played very, very well. Gurgled vocals, sufficient amounts of technicality and eerie harmonies (gotta love those), chunky riffs, dynamic tempo structures (enhancing the brutal as well as the droning parts), and most of all, catchy fucking songs. There's nothing quite like hearing a sickeningly brutal band and being able to air drum with them after just two spins of the disc. Iniquity gets their punishment into you good, and you shan't forget it soon. If you love death metal that makes you go insane in the pit and hum riffs in the shower afterward, you'll love Iniquity. One of the best new death metal bands I've heard.
(Vermlandsgade 74, 1tv 2300 Copenhagen S. Denmark)


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