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Broken Hope | Grotesque Blessings | review | metal | Lollipop

Broken Hope

Grotesque Blessings (Martyr)
by Tim Den

It's always puzzled me why only the purists of death metal liked Broken Hope. Despite being one of the most song-oriented death metal bands around, as well as being responsible for some of the best riffing/groove-laden/technical arrangements in the genre, the band just can't seem to get attention (to the point where their former label, Metal Blade, dropped them). What a shame, especially considering Grotesque Blessings, in all its death metal gorgeousness and catchiness, will probably go unnoticed by the outside world. It pisses me off to see this situation, and I can only try to persuade as many as possible to check out Broken Hope's astounding records. Broken Hope fucking rules. You got that out there? Where else can you find such tightly orchestrated mayhem, or, for you muscle heads, more pit-inducing breakdowns: Broken Hope delivers all aspects of death metal (tech shredding, catchy off-times [a difficult feat in itself], gargantuan mosh parts, superb synchronization, top notch production [courtesy of the band's own guitarist/songwriter/engineer/producer, Brian Griffith. One complaint, though, Brian: turn up the bass next time!]), so why aren't they getting recognition like Deicide or even them crummy black metal bands (who couldn't write a decent riff in exchange for dark eyeliner)? I can only hope people will realize that past giants such as Entombed and Morbid Angel are no longer relevant to the genre, and that Broken Hope is where it's at. Get Grotesque Blessings. While you're at it, get The Bowels of Repugnance and Loathing, too. They'll whip your ass.
(PO Box 45 Natick, MA 01760)


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