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Bright Eyes | Every Day and Every Night | review | indie | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Bright Eyes

Every Day and Every Night (Saddle Creek)
by Tim Den

Lo-fi/open-heart serenades that sound like they're talking about you... Mortal in its form (four-track recordings, perhaps?), Bright Eyes sound tragic yet relevant. Lyrics about the everyday routines and the often-forgotten suffering in the normallest aspect of life come together under a shaky yet tuneful voice. Peaceful yet haunting, passive in delivery but unwilling to let you forget the tales it spoke. It plants itself in your subconscious until you've realized the urgency of the described events. The best of acoustic whisperings and introspection (and observation). Big commendment for taking notes on so much injustice that flows by as "normal" occurences every day.


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