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Breeding Death (Century Media)
by Paul Lee

Here's a severely nasty death metal band that would make Deicide shake in their Satanic booties. With Michael from progressive death metal gods Opeth on the brutal-as-hell vocals, Blackheim and Jonas from melancholic metal merchants Katatonia on guitars and bass respectively, and ex-Edge of Sanity Dan Swano on drums, you've got pure death metal hell. Though this EP sports only three tracks at just over 13 minutes, it's enough to prove that these Swedes are still better at doing Floridian-style death metal than 90% of the bands there (excluding Morbid Angel, of course). Add just a hint of Swedish melody to the stew, and you have a great little sampling of the intense metal Bloodbath creates. I can't wait to see what they do with a full album's worth of material.


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