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As Friends Rust | review |indie | alternative | rock | Lollipop

As Friends Rust

by Tim Den

This is good shit. Hailing from Gainesville (home of the mighty Hot Water Music), As Friends Rust sounds as worn-by-life-but-never-giving-up as their neighbors. It's gotta be a Floridian thing. Raw emotions, HWM-esque melodies mixed with Dag Nasty style hardcore, and kick ass lyrics to match. "Just add Pabst and eyes grow wild" ("Like Strings (Spell it with a K)"), "know what you fucking get? Molotov cocktail, that's what you fucking get" ("Fire on 8th and 3rd"), and "the football season is the only reason you stay alive in your Prime Time beehive" ("Coffee Black") are my favorites. An unrelenting good time, and a nice balance of punk vibes and emotions.


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