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Hatebreed | The Divinity Of Purpose | review | metal | Lollipop


The Divinity Of Purpose (Razor & Tie)
By Rick Ecker

Hatebreed is one of those bands that I've listened to, but never owned an album from, until now, and what an album to start with. The Divinity Of Purpose -- their first since 2009's self-titled album and their first on Razor & Tie -- is one heavy, melodic, and crunchy album. The band has brought their metal/hardcore blend to a great place with songs that will grab you and throw you against a wall. Opener "Put It To The Torch" kicks off the album with some heavy playing that kicks into high gear with Jamey Jasta's booming voice telling you to put your issues to the torch and let them burn away. Next up, "Honor Never Dies" is a brutal mosh song that will get you up and looking for a pit. "Own Your World" is one of those songs that will get the crowd singing along with its gang chorus of "Fists Up/Head High/We Own The Fucking World Tonight."

There really isn't a weak song on here; every song is hard, heavy, and as catchy as kissing someone with a cold sore. Drummer Matt Byrne just kills those drums on this album, pounding them with everything he has. Chris Beattie's bass is thick and adds some throbbing heaviness to the proceedings, guitarists Frank Novinec and Wayne Lozinak have great chugging and melodic playing that grabs you, and Jasta's screamed vocals are clear and, at times, melodic, but still tough and forceful. Chris "Zeuss" Harris is back as producer on this album, with help from the band and Josh Wilbur, who's produced Lamb of God and Avenged Sevenfold. The intensity doesn't let up on this 12-song, 38 minute collection of metallic hardcore songs that will get you stomping around your house and get the blood pumping -- unless you're dead.


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