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Daylight Dies | A Frail Becoming | review | metal | Lollipop

Daylight Dies

A Frail Becoming (Candlelight)
By Mike Delano

With Katatonia embarking on a full-on (not entirely un-enjoyable) trip into prog-land, we need bands like 40 Watt Sun and Daylight Dies to satiate our need for melancholy, mid-paced metal. Thankfully, this North Carolina quintet is more than up to the task on A Frail Becoming. Guitars wash over one another, creating a lush sound that still retains enough of a driving force so as to not sound meandering. These guys are more concerned with songs than with simply establishing a sound and propping it up for admiration. "The Pale Approach" highlights the band's metal riffs but goes beyond the expected, with a great guitar solo segueing into a peaceful valley mid-song and building to a tremendous outro with hints of symphonic black metal. The intermittent use of clean vocals throughout shows the band's range and steadies the album's pacing: The gorgeous "Ghosting" is back-to-back with the Crowbar-style vortex of pain of "Hold On To Nothing." Here's hoping there's not another four-year gap between albums so Daylight Dies can continue to evolve their sound.


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