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Cowboy Junkies | Sing In My Meadow | review | alternative | Lollipop

Cowboy Junkies

Sing In My Meadow (Latent Recordings)
By Mike Delano

Cowboy Junkies have said how their mission for Sing In My Meadow was to capture the feel of a live show, complete with psychedelic freak-outs and an atmosphere "thick with electricity," as they put it. It's incredible how successful they are in reaching that goal on this album, the third in the planned four-part series of releases called "The Nomad Series." Fuzzy guitars and bass surround you on all sides, creating a comforting buzz, but sounds aren't afraid to jut out here and there, their sharp edges clashing beautifully with singer Margo Timmins' haunting voice. "Continental Drift" is a blindfolded tour of craggy spaces; the weight of every struck chord and cymbal in "It's Heavy Down Here" hangs in the air; the wistful "Late Night Radio" is in no rush to get where it's going. This is definitely music to be experienced in a hazy club or, ideally, at an outdoor concert, but barring those options, you've gotta at least take the headphones off and let this music breathe. Turn those stereo speakers up and let Sing In My Meadow buzz along the walls and across your skin and bask in a mission accomplished.


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