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Apparitional (People Like You)
By Mike Delano

When a band's style is described as "horror punk," that sounds like a style that just roared screaming right into my wheelhouse. And Blitzkid's no-frills, strictly traditional melodic punk is often just what I'm looking for: An overabundance of gang choruses, chants, and galloping drums mixed way up in the mix. Not sure where the horror part comes in (if you find A.F.I. scary, I guess this could qualify as a terrifying experience), but hey. Thing is, Apparitional is missing its own identity. The Avenged Sevenfold-style tongue-in-cheek horror imagery in the lyrics feels a little limp without something like Avenged's snarl or shredding guitars to back it up. The weightless guitars on the album act as merely a propulsive force, which is fine when used to highlight great vocals and melodies (complete with backup "woah-oh-ohs"), as on the Green Day soundalike "Mr. Gore," but spread over the course of the album are thin and grating. Blitzkid's got an ear for a good song, they just need to trim the fat (15 songs in this style is an eternity) and focus on perfecting the best of the bunch.


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