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Bloody Ceremony | Living with the Ancients | review | stoner rock | Lollipop

Bloody Ceremony

Living with the Ancients (Rise Above)
By Mike Delano

Holy crap, that's a lotta flute. Don't get me wrong: I'm all for the sprinkling of some flute sounds throughout a record to give it a feeling of whimsy, conjuring as it does visions of jovial elves and Ron Burgundy. But you've gotta know at what point to rein it in, and Toronto's Bloody Ceremony barrels right past that point on its second album, Living with the Ancients, stumbling into a dangerously comical realm of flute overload. Thankfully, that's just about the only thing wrong with the album. It's a fantastic doom throwback to Sabbath, with tracks that spread out and conjure a great feeling of space with the excellent guitar work. Vocalist Alia O'Brien, along with plenty of organ sounds and the aforementioned woodwind, give BC a very '60's psychedelic vibe (and hey, isn't "My Demon Brother" a shout-out to that Kenneth Anger freak-out?), which is a great space to be in, especially come summertime. 'Cause when those commanding guitar solos hit during "Daughter of the Sun" and "The Great God Pan," just try to tell me you don't wish you were sprawled out on the grass under the San Francisco sun.


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