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Lazarus AD | Black Rivers Flow | review | metal | Lollipop

Lazarus A.D.

Black Rivers Flow (Metal Blade)
By Mike Delano

Sometimes the term "straightforward" can seem like a pejorative in an album review, suggesting that the band is playing it safe, just adhering to an established style and making a record with no real surprises. In the case of Black Rivers Flow, however, that's a good thing. Lazarus A.D. play metal in a style that you don't hear much anymore: A mid-'90s power groove reminiscent of mid-period Megadeth and Testament, or early Machine Head. And although there are some very vocal metal fans that can't stomach any Megadeth post-Rust In Peace or listen to The Ritual without vomiting, some of us actually like that stuff, and will like this record, too. There's a great dynamic at work on "Through Your Eyes" of Ozzy in full "Perry Mason" mode singing over death metal drums, and the streamlined Trivium vibe of "Beneath the Waves of Hatred" works well. The chorus of "Casting Forward" veers a little awkwardly into radio-friendly (and radio-bland) territory, but the title track gets Lazarus A.D.'s satisfying blend of melody, song craft and aggression just right.


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