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Royal Thunder | review | rock | Lollipop

Royal Thunder

By Mike Delano

To run the risk of sounding like a sexist oaf, this is some sexy music right here. Well sure, you say, whenever a male music critic hears a female voice, it's always about the fact that she's a woman, not about the performance. You don't mention it every time a band has a male singer, do ya, huh? Huh?! What can I say - I'm just goin' with my gut on this one. The entrancing, syrupy "Sleeping Witch" is straight-up sultry, and by the time it segues into "Mouth of Fire," which sounds like latter-period Corrosion of Conformity fronted by Alannah Myles, my heart is on a plate. Bassist/singer Miny Parsonz may be the biggest reason I have a half-bat for this Atlanta trio, but really, the whole package is something special, and it shines through on this debut EP. The guitars on "Low" command worship, and I could live in the empty spaces that populate "Hotel Bend." A full-length can't come soon enough.


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