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Die Krupps | Als Waren wir fur immer | review | electro | Lollipop

Die Krupps

Als Wären wir für immer (SPV)
By Mike Delano

Eternal industrialists Die Krupps deliver an unadventurous but effective EP with Als Wären wir für immer. The eight tracks (three are remixes) paint a satisfyingly robust and varied portrait of the band's sound: "Beyond" sounds as comfortable snuggling up with Depeche Mode's silky smooth vocals and snyths as "Die Macht" does with Rammstein's boot-stomping crunch. More nuanced are "The Chameleon Man," a fantastically insidious song that will turn your body into a herky-jerky mess as you ponder whether to dance or headbang to its ominous beat, and the title track, which cracks and pops like a bouquet of paparazzi bulbs, sparking out fragments of sound and voice.


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