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Mar De Grises | Streams Inwards | review | metal | Lollipop

Mar De Grises

Streams Inwards (Season of Mist)
By Mike Delano

One of the best parts of being a metal fan is the hilarious one-upmanship that's an integral part of any conversation with a fellow metalhead:

You: Hey, the new Cradle of Filth record is pretty good.

Fellow Brother of True Metal: Yeah, well I saw them play in the flaming remains of a recently burned-down church in Norway when they were just starting out and three people in the audience had heart attacks and died because of how awesome the show was.

You: Oh.

It's just a deep-seated need to find the most obscure, out-of-reach reference to pull out during any metal talk to prove your worthiness. Liking the band is optional. Lucky for you, Mar De Grises is a band you can use as a trump card during your next metal exchange and they're actually good! Their brand of Chilean progressive death/doom (that's your golden phrase right there) is fantastically polished yet still adventurous. It references Opeth and My Dying Bride (or even A Perfect Circle if they had bigger balls), but really, Streams Inwards takes you to some interesting places you haven't been before, from the electro-bizarro sounds of "Knotted Delirium" to the shimmering guitars of the near-perfect "Shining Human Skin."


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