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The Sons of Hercules | A Different Kind of Ugly | review | rock | Lollipop

The Sons of Hercules

A Different Kind of Ugly (Saustex)
by Scott Hefflon

The Sons of Hercules have been pluggin' away since the real early '90s, and while older and uglier, they haven't lost their edge. And edge is crucial to Stooges rock like this. Garage punk has meant different things over the years, and there are plenty of mall punk teens who don't know who the Dead Boys were and think Iggy Pop is an actor. The Sons had records on Unclean, at least one on Get Hip, and now they're on Saustex, which makes a lot of sense. If you like destruction rock done right, and think the new young turks/turds spend too much time setting their Facebook mood to "rebellious" and posing tough, let these old guys rock your ass into next week. They're the real deal, with the chops and muscle car production required to keep the party going until the last 30 pack of PBR is gone.


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