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Gary B & The Notions | New Twist & Shout | review | alternative | Lollipop

Gary B & The Notions

New Twist & Shout (The Beechfields)
by Scott Hefflon

The Beechfields Records is a not-for-profit label from Baltimore. Convenient, cuz most records label aren't making shit for money anyway. Gary B. can sure write a pop tune, and while his voice ain't perfect, he has that sincerity thing going strong. My first thought was Squeeze, but that's cuz I'm a Squeeze fan. Others namecheck Jonathan Richman and Elvis Costello, and I'm not arguing. Simply pop rock done with such talent that it sounds effortless and casual. Can't really call this lo-fi or bedroom production, but it's definitely intimate, not crappy, not scrubbed and amped-up radio drivel. Lyrics seem clever, sometimes "quirky" or silly, but he sounds so earnest, you barely notice he has bananas protruding from all his pockets, and he's wearing cargo pants, and that's a lot of bananas, ya know? But he must have his reasons, cuz seriously, listen to that voice.


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