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Brian Posehn | Fart and Wiener Jokes | review | metal | Lollipop

Brian Posehn

Fart and Wiener Jokes (Relapse)
By Mike Delano

Some comedy albums are so incisive that they could change your entire outlook on the universe. Some are so ahead of their time that they just seem confusing, and others are so influential that they redirect the course of popular culture. Brian Posehn's Fart and Wiener Jokes won't do any of these things, it will probably just make you laugh. The oafish comedian looks like a gigantic Muppet, and jokes about his appearance take up most of this set ("When you look like this you can never dig at night," a bit about how he was "born with a rapey face"), along with anecdotes about married life. The casual, conversational style Posehn uses is prone to lulls and uninspired observations (he doesn't like the phrase "party like a rockstar"), but for the most part it's a great fit for his humor. For metalheads, it's required listening, since he loves to work in metal talk at any opportunity ("you never see a dude with his shirt off shouting 'R&B!'"), and "More Metal Than You," the follow-up to his 2006 metal parody song "Metal By Numbers," is worthy ("I'd give Halford a handjob!").


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