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Mega Man | Zero Collection | review | game | Lollipop

Mega Man Zero Collection

(Capcom for Nintendo DS)
By Mike Delano

You're forgiven if you missed the Mega Man Zero series on the Game Boy Advance, seeing as how the Mega Man brand was splintered into near-oblivion in the last decade, from battle networks to retro revivals to ill-fated pseudo-3D reboots. The games are worth seeking out for platforming action fans, though, especially when all four titles are collected on one DS cart as they are here. The star, Zero, is Mega Man's sleek, pony-tailed partner-in-crime from the X series. Incredibly, he controls just as smoothly as the blue bomber - no small feat considering the Mega Man series is renowned for its tight controls - with more of a focus on melee combat by way of his trademark energy sword. Too often, the insane difficulty of the individual Mega Man Zero games neutered Zero's powerful and satisfying abilities, so the Easy Scenario mode included in Mega Man Zero Collection is a stroke of genius. The mode increases your powers, decreases the difficulty (to a level fit for humans) and lets you play continuously through the four games as the badass you were always meant to be.


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