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Gospel Gossip

Drift (Guilt Ridden Pop)
by Scott Deckman

Gospel Gossip are a Northfield, Minnesota, trio who weave dense, atmospheric guitars into thick slabs of sound. On Drift, a four-song EP, the band isn't shy about pushing the volume, either. Known as shoegazers, there is a '90s alt rock feel to what they do. Gospel Gossip can get repetitive, but that's the point. The band, who also produced, have a habit of mixing Sarah Nienaber's vocals down in the mix, which is too bad, as her voice is an earnest, interesting instrument in its own right.

"Sippy Cup" sees the band take a stab at sludgy pop and succeeding without losing the overall syrupy textures. And this is clearly a band who isn't interested in the production of Radio Friendly Unit Shifters. Overall, this feels exactly like what it is, a taste. Though I've never seen the band live, I can only imagine the performance: Sweaty, hypnotic and intense, with your ears ringing on the ride home, maybe for a few hours afterward. You'd get your money's worth.


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