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Nathen Maxwell | White Rabbit | review | alternative | Lollipop

Nathen Maxwell and the Original Bunny Gang

White Rabbit (SideOneDummy)
by Scott Hefflon

Nathen Maxwell is the bassist for Celtic rockers Flogging Molly, and a solid singer and songwriter in his own right, as he proves here. While admittedly more reggae and quietly singer/songwritery than many would expect, Nathen's White Rabbit has a relaxed charm that'll win you over in under 30 seconds. There's a respectability here that all the local reggae bands in your closest college town can only dream of. Reggae is easy to play, but almost impossible to pull off. Nathen has depth to his soft voice, and an honesty that'll come through whether he's singing simply, or shouting Oi! after every point he makes. Random radio should slip more simple and honest new music like this in between Johnny Cash and Bryan Adams traditionals. Like more somber Social Distortion, these songs are simple, honest, and speak to you without pretense, forced cleverness, or trendy clothing endorsements.


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