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Guilty As Sin | Led to the Slaughter | review | metal | Lollipop

Guilty As Sin

Led to the Slaughter
by Scott Hefflon

Oh, that's not an instrumental intro (like the killer "Dark Intentions" opening The Haunted Made Me Do It), this is a three-piece instrumental thrash metal band from Watertown, MA, a couple towns over from me. I like the high-school metalhead cover art, the "oh no you didn't!" obviousness of the fold-out (shows a priest with lizard tale preaching to a stadium of sheep), and the four sentence description on CDBaby (which their myspace page lists as the band's website), the last being "We currently are an instrumental band with no real desire for a singer." No word on if the band members were in other bands I might've heard of, no bio came with the thing bribing me with free drinks (or with explanation, or clever description I can steal instead of thinking for myself), and generally, I like the fact that this is solid, instrumental thrash, cuz it saves me the trouble of hating what would probably be another lousy metal singer still getting his dick wet. By the way, the last song, "Instrumental Selection," is a Middle Eastern snake charm, complete with flute, those little cymbals belly dancers wear on their fingers that slowly drive you as mad as those gyrating hips, and yeah, what was I saying again? Somewhere between "Huh? This is stupid" and the "Genius! Genius I say!" exclaimations my roommates are getting really sick of hearing at 3 am, there lies Guilty as Sin. Naked, wearing only a cockring.


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