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Arena (Metropolis)
by Scott Hefflon

I interviewed Boston-based Da5id Din and Tyler Newman for their debut, Direct Memory Access, back in 1995. From there, they got signed to Metropolis, re-released the CD with bonus goodies, an album called Syntax that I kinda remember liking, then dropped the killer Nymphomatik in 2002. At the time, dark synthpop was a still-building genre, and Informatik was at the top of the list. Type O Negative deep vocals (Moonspell-esque, for the late-coming metal-oriented folks) with smooth synths (more Depeche Mode than industrial warfare) and programming more like New Order than Skinny Puppy), Informatik had the knack for electronic arena rock as well as club hits. In 2008, the band released Beyond as a digital-only release. And now, they return with Arena, a CD that lives up to its name. There are electronic arena rock hits aplenty. There are some light guitar parts here and there, no Ministry "Jesus Borrowed My Cockring" rampage (that's a joke, dipshit), and while I still favor Funker Vogt, Apoptygma Berzerk, and VNV Nation over them, that's like saying I like getting laid by three supermodels at a time better than two.


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