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Revolting Cocks

Sex-o Olympic-o (13th Planet/Megaforce)
By Scott Hefflon

I've been a casual fan of Revolting Cocks for years (meaning I've slept with many girls who thought they ruled, and I didn't argue when they played them while we fucked), but I seem to've misunderstood them. I thought they were supposed to be funny or wild, or push the limits beyond the "limitations" of the members' main gigs. But this is just more mediocre Ministry, and that's Ministry's job. Strapping Young Lad/Zimmers Hole are wilder, Bloodhound Gang is far smarter and funnier, and I can't help but want to shut this off and listen to Andy Dick's "Little Brown Ring." Not literally, that puckered asshole has nothing new to say. His swollen brown-eye can sing itself silly, but a few years back, he put out an album worth listening to, unlike most everything else he's ever said or done. That and the "Stalker Song" are great joke tunes, well-done and classic. Unlike "I'm Not Gay," the single off this useless slab, which is boring. Seriously, check out Legion of Flames by Zimmers Hole: "1,000 Miles of Cock" is one of my faves songs this side of The Cramps and Dwarves, "Death to the Dodgers of Soap" and Gaysong" hit their mark, "Mushroom Mattress" and "Satan is a Gay Porno Star" are surprisingly kick-ass, and did I mention "1,000 Miles of Cock"? Best thing since Ministry covered Butthole Surfers' "Jesus Built My Hotrod," a killer song and a great cover. In other words, RevCo have had their time, it's time (and been time for some time) for new funny, wild, extreme music pioneers to get together and push the envelope without licking it. With their tongues, at least.


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