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Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator | review | game | Lollipop

Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator

(Planetwide Games for PC)
By Mike Delano

If you've ever wondered why Marvel never created a comic book wherein a meteor shot forth from Elektra's crotch, now is the time to rectify that inequity. Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator will be your hammer of justice as you assemble your own comics on your PC. Choose from a slightly meager selection of pre-drawn comic book panels and accessories (text bubbles, sounds, brief animations) to tell your own story in as many or as few panels as you want. You're not forced to create something as goofy as crotch meteors, but then again, there isn't that much content to choose from, and since your interactivity with that content is pretty limited, this comic book creator is better suited for some humorous downtime rather than for putting together the next Great American Comic.


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